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All Dental implants require some amount of height and width of bone in the upper jaws for their placement.

However in some patients in the upper jaws if there is minimal bone the patient is often refused any implant treatment. For such patients Smilessence Specialist Dental Centre does Zygomatic implants. These implants are placed in the zygoma bone at an approximate 45-degree angle and emerging at the dental ridge often preventing the need for more intensive surgery.


  • Can be done in all bone quantities and conditions
  • No healing time required prior
  • less time in surgery and follow-up treatments

Zygomatic dental implants Procedure

Installing Zygoma Implants

A clinical evaluation, x-ray and CT Scan is done to determine implant site positioning and bone condition.


If there is existing teeth, the teeth are removed and implants installed. Two zygomatic implants are normally inserted in the zygoma areas and additional implants dependent on bone condition are placed at the front anterior area.

Impression for the HYBRID bridge is taken. The hybrid bridge is made in the labs and is securely fixed onto the implants in 2-3 days. Temporary dentures may be worn during the wait time for the hybrid bridge to be made.

New teeth will function similiar to earlier teeth.

AstraTech Implants

Dentsply, Astra-Tech dental implant systems is a uniquely shaped, patented implant. It is specifically designed for sloped ridge situations that allows you to achieve bone structure.

The implant has Astra Tech featured OsseoSpeed which is a unique fluoride-modified nanostructure implant surface that stimulates early bone formation and provides stronger bone-to-implant bonding and MicroThread which are minute threads on the implant neck that offer best load distribution.

Straumann SLA implants

The Straumann SLA dental implant System is one of most established and longest standing range of dental implants designed for long-lasting and esthetic tooth replacement solutions used to replace individual teeth, to carry multi-unit bridges, and to attach fixed or removable full dentures.

In 1994, ITI Struamann developed the ground-breaking SLA surface that reduced the average healing time from 12 weeks (TPS surface) to only 6-8 weeks. Shortly after its introduction, the macro- and microstructured, osseoconductive SLA surface became the gold standard in implant technology.

Roughened surfaces of the straumann SLA implants has shown advantages over smooth surfaces in terms of better osseointegration, enhanced bone-to-implant contact as well as better biomechanical and functional stability.

SLActive Implants

The SLActive surface takes the proven concept of SLA one step further to set the new surface benchmark.

SLActive is based on the scientifically proven SLA surface topography, but exhibits a fundamentally improved surface chemistry.

Due to its ideal conditioning, the chemically active and hydrophilic SLActive surface significantly promotes the initial healing reaction allowing a faster osseointegration process and higher implant stability.

Bone Level Implants

The Straumann Bone Level Implant provides you with a solution for all bone level treatments.

The Bone Level implant design is based on the latest technology and scientific know-how in implant dentistry respecting key biological principles, whilst facilitating predictable esthetic results and offering straightforward handling in all types of indications.

The Straumann Bone Level Implant:

  • provides surgical and restorative simplicity for all kinds of indications
  • enables secure component positioning
  • supports bone preservation that enables predictable aesthetic results

Roxolid Dental Implants

Roxolid implant is a homogenous metallic alloy composed of the elements titanium and zirconium. Roxolid is thus a new DNA material for dental implants.

These two metallic alloy elements provides a higher tensile strength compared to pure titanium.

The higher tensile strength thus enables small diameter implants to be placed with more confidence.

Roxolid dental implants allows:

  • More confidence in small diameter implants due to high strength with excellent osseointegration
  • Flexibility of having more treatment options because Roxolid provides a wider choice of treatment options with small diameter implants allowing optimal treatment in specific clinical situation

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